30 Things I Learned in my 30th Year

1)      It’s extremely unlikely that I will ever make a viable living doing something I am truly passionate about (drinking coffee, people watching, listening to music, procrastinating, analysing the deeper meaning behind episodes of Supernatural).  That doesn’t mean I will ever stop dreaming about this being possible.

 2)      That well known, over-used saying that nothing is worth a damn if you don’t have your health? Yeah.  It’s well known and over-used for a reason.

 3)      I will never have Zooey Deschanel’s hair.

 4)      When I am strong, I am much stronger than I think I am.  I should give myself more credit.

 5)      People are not necessarily adverse to a little crazy.  But you can be the wrong kind of crazy.

 6)      Family isn’t whose blood you carry – it’s who you love and who loves you back.

 7)      I’m almost positive that there is nothing in this world that cannot be solved (or at the very least eased) by music, travel, a good cup of coffee or laughing until your stomach hurts.

 8)      Hugs are awesome, yo.

 9)      I am far too white and far too middle-class to say ‘yo’.  The same applies to the use of ‘s’up’.  I will continue to use both.

 10)   The human race can be deeply, deeply stupid.

 11)   I will always want to own a dishwasher.  Yes, even if I live alone.  No, I am not ashamed of this fact.

 12)   The importance of being nice.  Nobody likes an asshole.  Try not to be one.

 13)   Robert Frost has the answers to most of life’s questions.  T.S. Eliot has the rest.

 14)   Instead of learning from my previous mistakes I like to dwell on them until I have a panic attack.

 15)   Facebook is not a true representation of real life.  I need to remind myself of this on an almost daily basis.

 16)   It’s ok to ask for help.  You might be surprised by who comes to your rescue.

 17)   I have (metaphorical) ants in my pants.  I need to travel.  Must.  See.  New.  Places.  I also once had actual ants in my pants, but I was six years old and it was a much less pleasant experience.

18)  Words have the power to break your heart and heal your soul.

 19)   It takes skill to watch an entire 23 episode season of a TV show in a day with minimal toilet/food breaks.  If this counted as an Olympic sport I would rock that shit.

 20)   The people you work with are infinitely more important than the work you do.  I kind of knew this already but it’s worth mentioning.

 21)   Electric toothbrushes really are worth it.

 22)   Never underestimate the power of losing yourself in a good book.

 23)   When you haven’t been able to leave the house in months, menial tasks suddenly become disproportionately exciting.  Want me to post that letter for you?  Sure!  Need me to return that library book?  Hand it over!  Tesco’s?  I’D LOVE TO.

 24)   Internet dating is depressing.

 25)   I am very, very, very hard on myself.  Also, comparing myself to my peers is neither healthy nor useful.

 26)   The author John Green is a bona fide genius.

 27)   I can eat an entire packet of digestive biscuits in one sitting and not even feel bad about it.

 28)   I still need my mum, no matter how old I am.  Perhaps a little too much.

 29)   I am angrier than I have ever been in my whole life.

 30)    And, finally, I have learned how to neatly fold a fitted bed sheet. Oh yes.


2 thoughts on “30 Things I Learned in my 30th Year

  1. I love every bit of this. You very clever and very wise human. 4,6,10 – YES. 17 – Jacksonville, Fl. 27 – I will always think of you when I either hear about or see a digestive biscuit. And finally, you make me giggle. xx

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