3 thoughts on “The end is where we start from.

  1. I love every bit of this. You very clever and very wise human. 4,6,10 – YES. 17 – Jacksonville, Fl. 27 – I will always think of you when I either hear about or see a digestive biscuit. And finally, you make me giggle. xx

  2. Becky

    S ‘up! You are very wise for such a young lady! And you make me laugh so much!!! Try not to be angry – it’s so negative and does you no good at all. Xx

    1. Becky, I agree that our author here is a very wise young lady. Wise beyond her years, in fact.

      I don’t agree that she should try not to be so angry… I say be just as angry as you feel. I see anger as just another emotion, and believe it needs to be expressed, and is much more harmful to us when its bottled up, than when allowed to flow naturally, just like tears, joy and laughter….

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