Day Four:  music


Oh, music. Sweet music. There’s nothing that makes me happier, and I’m being quite literal with that statement. I can find the perfect song to fit any mood, any moment, any occasion. That person who’s job it is to decide what music plays in the background of a movie trailer? My ideal job. I would kick ass. Music, like words, has the power to take us away (there’s that pesky escapism word again, people). It can lift our mood, allow us to break down and cry, it has the ability to calm or excite us in equal measure. And there are endless genres to choose from. Pop, rap, hip-hop, country (“ooooh, my wife has gone and left meeeeeee… I’m left only with the company of my trusty steeeeeeeed” etc etc), classical, blues, jazz, swing, heavy metal…….the list goes on. I have what most would consider to be an eclectic taste. My music library rages from the seriously hipster to the very, very shameful. Oh so very shameful. The guilty pleasures, you could say. Now, I would quite happily take a spade to the faces of each and every member of One Direction completely guilt free, but I’ll admit that they still appear on my playlist when I’m in need of a good pop ballad. All music has it’s place. Even the crap stuff.

Like oxygen, water and a good full bodied cheddar, music is a constant in my life. If I’m not listening to something I’m either at work, asleep or dead, otherwise you can guarantee that the dulcet tones of (insert name of cool band here) will be playing from my iPod. A good friend recently bemoaned that chart music had become dire and unoriginal and they had a point. But if you venture even just slightly off the beaten track you will find that the music world has never been more alive. Much like finding a decent bargain in a crowded sale rack, you have to be prepared to do a little digging. And if you do, oh, the treasures you can find.


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  1. Debbie

    I agree with you 100% regarding music! It has the power the change my mood in an instant & to transport me back to times when life didn’t seem so complicated xx

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